Self Awaken a Passionate Life Process Towards Self Mastery by Practicing:

Ancient Techniques that allow the mind to be more receptive to powerful inflows of knowledge & wisdom …

My workshops are the perfect union between Self Realization Practices find in Eastern Philosophy and Neuroscience Mental ConditioningMethods found in Western Society.

Yoga with your body, heart, and intellect to align yourself into The Wholeness of your Spiritual Identity …

The workshops essentially operate as a commuting building project by bringing you closer to your purified self so you may successfullyintegrate with others who are purified.

The mental processes that bring Genius Levels of Insights into clear view …

We believe that you awaken the person who creates the life of your dreams, the workshops are designed to help you realize who that person is.

What if you could awaken the person inside of you that best knows how to live the live the life of your dreams?

What’s the most balanced way for you to address any frustrations, anxieties, or fears you may have so approach life with an elevated mind?

How do you know when you’re experiencing life at its most fulfilling level & what steps are you taking to allow this experience to be?