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Questions & The Self Awakened Lifestyle Approach

Fear can be very invigorating.  Your heart rate increases & your sensory awareness sharpens.

My question to you is, what would it look like to use fear as a lens to find learning opportunities?

During a crises, it can be very easy to allow our decisions to be guided by chaotic impulses.

My question to you is, what are the benefits of deeply breathing into bottom of the belly & and allowing the mind to be guided by sense of smoothness?

Fulfillment can be viewed in many ways & experienced during any of life’s circumstances.

My questions to you is, what lifestyle rituals or patterns of behavior allow your body to feel a sense of flow so your intellect is free to explore  the deeper connections that reveal themselves in any moment?

I like to look at curiosity as an instrument of the mind & concentration as the fine tuning of this instrument.

My question to you is, how does an awareness of alignment in your joints, harmony in your respiratory muscles & the cadence of your heart beat help the mind concentrate?

Passion is one the most stimulating motivators of behavior.

My question to you is, how could you refine your deepest desires into specific action steps & behaviors  that all you to execute life with absolute passion?

I like to believe we are all placed here for a purpose.

My my question to you is, how do you share your most powerful natural gifts with full engagement & sustained commitment?

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